Amicus Curiae

2019 Syrah

Our 2019 Syrah, Amicus Curiae, is a cooler-climate, aromatic, smooth delight. With fruit from the incomparable Lester Family Vineyard, this big-bodied Syrah boasts complex, true to Syrah flavors from start to finish.

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Tasting Notes

Swirling the wine invites long lean legs, herb smells delight the nose, and complete the bright bodied black fruit and sweet tobacco taste. Aromas of eucalyptus, sage, smoked meats and graphite. Enjoy full-bodied flavors of: black fruit, plum, sweet tobacco, licorice and acai berry.


Pair this wine with smoked meats and spices to bring out the floral and fruit flavors.


Our wines are named after courtroom jargon to honor Judge Marlo’s career in the judicial system. This Syrah is named Amicus Curiae, meaning friend of the court. We chose this name to symbolize our friendship and admiration for Lester Family Vineyard and the Lester family.


Winemaker John Benedetti (Sante Arcangeli Family Wines) truly delights with this unique, cold climate Syrah.


Our fruit hails from Lester Family Vineyards in Corralitos. We are honored to use fruit from this celebrated family vineyard in Corralitos. Sitting between 400 and 500 feet elevation on Pleasant Valley Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, fruit from this vineyard is a delight. Influenced by morning fog, temperatures rise during the day, providing excellent conditions for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay fruit.

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