Our Mission

To connect with community over local, family-owned wine

Our Vision

To bring together family and friends over local, family-owned wine that is produced in the Santa Cruz Mountains

The Baker family enjoying some wine together
Pictured: the Baker family enjoying some wine together

Our Story

Aptos Vineyard was established in 1974 by the Marlo family in Aptos, CA. Judge John and Patti Marlo observed that a portion of their Aptos property looked like a vineyard so they thought Why not? and dove into growing fruit and winemaking with enthusiasm.

Tending to the vineyard and harvesting grapes was a family affair, creating precious memories for the Marlo family. While a source of joy for the Marlos, the vineyard was also a lot of work. After a slow start to yield enough grapes to become wine, they enlisted the help of various winemakers to craft the original Aptos Vineyard Pinot Noir and eventually Chardonnay. They enjoyed decades of bountiful fruit harvested on their property and soon the label became a source of joy and family connection.

Sadly, when John fell sick in the mid 2000s, the vineyard lost its spark and the wine label fell dormant for many years. After the Judge’s passing, close friend James Baker and his family purchased the wine label and sought to revive Aptos Vineyard.

To ensure success, they enlisted the winemaking expertise of John Benedetti of Sante Arcangeli Wines. With fruit grown and harvested in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Aptos Vineyard has reemerged as a family label, revitalized. Learn more about our current wines here.

James Baker and Tina Cacace, the co-owners of Aptos VineyardChris Baker and Tina Cacace of Aptos Vineyard, inspecting some vinesAerial view of DaLarDi Vineyard, where Aptos Vineyard got their 2018 and 2019 pinot grapes

A Brief History

The original Aptos Vineyard sign
James Baker, a good friend of the late Judge, buys the label and the Baker family begins to revitalize the winemaking legacy of Aptos Vineyard.
Aptos Vineyard is established by Judge John and Patty Marlo, using fruit from their quaint vineyard in Aptos, CA.
Tina Cacace and James Baker, co-owners of Aptos Vineyard
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